[curious] is launched!

Here I go.


So here’s something to know about me – I am highly inspired by musicians and their art.


Lately, I’ve taken quite an interest in a performance by Audra Mae of that great White Snake Song  - Here I Go Again.  (I hear some of you Boomers humming now…)  The White Snake performance is awesome.  But when you listen to the interpretation by Audra, you hear a more rustic, bluesy, vibe – delivery transformed.   Inspired.  In making it her own, she struck a chord.  While I think the lyrics are originally intended to reference love – the people kind – I have adopted this piano-bar style rendition as my anthem for falling in love with the idea of change.  Transformation. After all, as the lyrics say, “here I go” - getting busy to realize my next best self. 


As I’ve leapt to this new adventure of bringing you [curious],  Audra has been with me replaying her raspy words over and again as I belt out the tune like her unofficial duet partner, saying “yes” to her call to action, “An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time…here I go…”


Now humbly, with great thrill and anticipation, I’m here – curious – ready to take what I’ve built in my 25 year career with that iconic “red star” and inspire leaders to optimize success and uplift their organizations, employees and themselves by intentionally transforming culture.  Let’s get to it.     


And so it goes – as leaders, we have to be curious each day and consider “What am I inspiring with my leadership?  How am I transforming the experience for myself, my employees and my organization?”


Be curious about that – and belt out a big, “here I go.”

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