One of the things I notice about the posture of leaders is how they show up with those they lead. Are they open and engaged or closed and pensive?


If you could imagine it, what would it look like?

Have you charged into the new year with fervor, full steam ahead? It has been estimated that 40% of Americans "officially" set New Year's resolutions, and I would venture to say that number is even higher with a large percentage of the population seizing the moment the new year brings to internally define some goals or act upon a desire to change. Whether it's to lose weight, eat healthier, read more, or increase productivity at work, the desire to become better at what you do extends beyond the personal and into your professional growth. For business leaders, the new year brings a promise of greater revenue and the potential for success. However you have imagined success to look like, the first step is to declare meaningful goals, followed by the mindfulness to keep your intention in focus. 


Unwinding Complexity. Should we Really?



I recently had a great opportunity to engage some colleagues in a conversation about complexity. See photo above. We had some fun with the nature metaphor. The photo immediately reduced us to heavy sighs, congested airways and prickly vibes.  “Not really something I’m interested in tangling with,” shared Sue.


Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

I had an occasion this week to watch (again) one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies – Moneyball.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great story about the man (Billy Beane) who rethought how to win in baseball after being thrown many curves, ultimately leading his team to amazing results.  I have a special connection to baseball since I trailed my youngest brother through college ball and into the minor leagues.  But even in spite of that, this story rings my bell with its rich life lessons and, not surprisingly, its MANY great references to leadership.

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